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Metropolitan Funeral Service, Inc. was established in 1969 in response to a local need for an effective trade service working in a supportive role to other funeral service professionals. Although our size has grown since that beginning, our dedication to providing quality service remains a cornerstone of our business.

As a trade service not affiliated with any funeral establishment, our services are designed to support funeral service professionals, not to compete with them. Although we are a fully licensed funeral establishment, it is our policy not to contract direct with the public. Our purpose is to act as an agent on behalf of other funeral homes, maintaining at all times the interests of that funeral home and the families they serve.


In order to maintain our standard of service, we consistently review all aspects of our business. We have a fleet of eight removal vans, and two four-wheel drive vehicles as well as a funeral coach for local interment of remains for the out of town funeral director. Each vehicle is equipped with a digital radio to insure constant communication with supervisory personnel and to provide prompt response to all service requests. On site, we have two refrigeration units for the storage of unembalmed remains or other remains as necessary. Additionally, we have three cremation chambers, as well as a family room which permits the witnessing of cremations, religious ceremonies and local identification of remains when requested.

24 / 7 / 365

Metropolitan is staffed twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days per year. Each of our three shifts is comprised of licensed funeral directors, crematory operators as well as supervisory personnel and drivers. Metropolitan can provide a variety of services including removal and embalming accommodations to funeral homes, cremation services, receiving of remains for local interments, international shipments and embassy arrangements. Having served most of the funeral homes in the Washington metropolitan area, as well as assisting funeral homes around the country with local arrangements, our business has grown to the point that in 2007, our total volume of trade services was over 9000 cases.


Metropolitan is committed to providing funeral service professionals, both local to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and throughout the United States, with professional support at a reasonable cost.

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